KUS is the world’s leading supplier of custom-designed liquid level sensors and engineered sensing solutions for the on-road and off-road commercial vehicles, marine, industrial, and power generation industries. KUS works closely with international equipment manufacturers to develop next-generation products and to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. With distribution networks in North America, Europe, and Asia, KUS has supplied more than 20 million level senders to the market since 2003.

FlexHouse Solutions connects businesses with local warehouses to provide order fulfillment and just-in-time (“JIT”) delivery based on their customers’ needs.

We are the on-demand warehouse solution that your business needs. Our network of distributed flexible warehouse solution allows you to scale your distribution quickly without having to go through the process of hiring and investing in warehouse spaces.

International team of experts that can help companies or individuals along any point of a product life cycle, from sourcing and product development, to logistics and supply chain management, to marketing and product distribution.