Free Flow #1

Cafe - Paris,France

I have been finding it harder and harder to concentrate, on goals, on work, on life. Sometimes its distractions; other times, it’s just a lack of patience. Maybe I’m just in a rut and need something out of the ordinary to change up the pace.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been grounded: I haven’t had to travel for work for almost 6 months. I would’ve been excited to use this chance to take some classes or check out more of the local scene that has been developing here in Fort Lauderdale, but everything is pretty much closed due to the pandemic. So instead, I’ve picked up some new hobbies, guitar and copperplate calligraphy. Well, they’re not new; I’ve had the guitar for about 3 years, and I’ve wanted to learn copperplate for about 2 years after I saw some cool lettering and flourishes from online videos.

A lot more thought and patience are required for copperplate calligraphy than I thought. I initially thought writing copperplate calligraphy is about flow and embellishment. But once I started, I realized its a lot slower paced. It is about control and requires you to think and plan out the letters and words you are about to write. I find myself practicing my alphabets again, both upper and lower case. I find it quite refreshing and inspirational to take something that I was familiar with and used to and to break it down into the fundamentals to perfect it. Instead of just doing, I needed to slow down and think about it more.

We are so used to speed nowadays; we naturally expect it: one-day deliveries, same time theatrical and online release of movies, ready-made meals, fast-casual restaurant chains, etc. Yes, it is convenient, but I always feel something is missing. The tiny spark of excitement of something to come, the thrill of anticipation. I hoping slowing down for calligraphy can help me reexamine my life, and to give my actions more thoughts, and not just go thru the motions.

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Business Books - Chinese


在這之前我的個性是偏屬 INFPIntroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

但是做了幾年的領導者,帶領公司,帶領團隊,帶領人, 我發現我的個性已經轉換為 ENTJExtraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging,成為一個強勢的指揮官。在公司,在生意上,這是必要的。召集大家,讓大家有一個共同的使命感。能夠快速的決策辨識方向和帶領大家。但是這個性的轉換並不是只是在工作上。 ENTJ的個性很容易潛移默化衍生到個人生活社交上。在朋友中變的喜歡發號施令,為了因為事情不順我意而暴躁。



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Putting thoughts and lessons learned into words

This past April marked the 5th year anniversary of me as president and CEO of my current company.

The 5 years were marked by all the trials and tribulations of someone having to suddenly step into as management in a field he is not familiar with: establishing new contacts and networks, learning  the industries and jargon, overcoming employee complacency, pushing new product lines to market, dealing with market competitions rising amidst management changeover, etc.

Despite the twists and turns over the past 5 years, I feel quite a bit was accomplished. We’ve managed to tripled the company personnel, doubled our sales turnover, moved to a new facility more than twice the size, and established our company as a named brand in the markets. We are on a sharp growth trajectory, with planned warehouse expansion in the west coast, possible manufacturing facility in the Midwest,  and mid double digit sales growth.

However, recently I have been feeling very unproductive.

I feel constantly distracted by the never-ending to-do list and shifting priorities. Whatever sense of accomplishment from finishing a project are quickly awash by the urgency of the next task at hand.

I am hoping that by forcing myself to put my thoughts down into words, it will help me to take the time to slow down and to think more clearly and logically.

I want to use this place as a repository of:

  • My struggles, failures, and successes as a manager and leader.
  • Books, websites, tools, podcasts, anything that I come across which inspires me and I feel are worth sharing.
  • Brain dump of thoughts, ideas or insights; a sounding board for choices I have to make and their possible impacts.

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